Weatherford Academy, PK - 4th Grade / Daycare
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Pre-Kindergarten 4 Years

Weatherford Academy offers several options for our four years old:

Class Hours 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Extended Hours are 6:30 AM - 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM (Addition Cost)

Students enrolling in Prek 4 must be 4 years old by September 30.

Curiosity, creativity, independence, cooperation and resilience enhance early learning and personal development. The PK4 teachers look for ways to encourage and increase a child’s engagement and confidence. These areas of development include promoting leadership skills, self-motivation, expressive and receptive language, and positive self-esteem to create successful and nurturing learning experiences every day.

Developing Social Skills

The main focus of an early childhood program is to develop children’s social skills. Stable interactions in children’s early lives provide a sense of well-being that enables them to participate positively in classroom activities. Emotional support and secure relationships help children acquire both self-confidence and the ability to function as a member of a group. Learning takes place when children use their words, work on their conversational skills, listen to one another and problem-solve. Cooperating, taking turns and empathy are life skills children need for school and for adulthood. Courtesy and manners are also an essential part of life in the classroom.

Work Independently

In addition, our children are encouraged to work independently. Our teachers support children in their endeavors which allows children to explore the different areas of the room on their own as well as with others. Through this work they further extend and develop their own talents and interests and sustain an independently chosen activity over time.


Spanish will be offered in PK4. Learning a language when it is developmentally intuitive and natural sets the stage for a lifetime of multilingualism. Language learning goes hand in hand with learning about other cultures and our global community. Language empowers children to actively and positively participate in both the cognitive and social aspects of the classroom. Experience with written and oral language provides children with the tools to interact with others and to clearly present their thoughts, feelings and experiences. Emerging literacy is heavily stressed in the classroom. Children work on their pre-reading skills through letter recognition, sound-symbol correspondence and exposure to books.

Children learn mathematical concepts such as sorting, patterning, numeral recognition, informal measurement, estimation and graphing. They are exposed to these concepts at morning meeting, through games and manipulatives and when problem-solving situations arise. Ideas and concepts related to math are integrated into specific math experiences, as well as across the curriculum.


The PreK 4th Grade program has implemented todays technology devices which will facilitate a more indepth learning experience.  

Motor Skills

Students are given many opportunities to develop both fine and gross motor coordination. They work with materials that involve fine motor skills. When engaged in gross motor activities children work on underlying skills such as balance and coordination. They develop these skills through jumping, hopping, running, sliding, and climbing stairs and large structures.

Extra Curriculars 

In addition to the rich homeroom program we provide, our students also participate in art, music, library, physical education, swimming activities outside the classroom. PreK 4th will also engage in educational field trips outside our facility campus.

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