Weatherford Academy, PK - 4th Grade / Daycare
613 Westwego, LA 70094
Weatherford Academy, LLP                             
613 Fourth Street Westwego, La 70094



Weatherford Academy Mission

For many children, Weatherford Academy will be their first step on the road toward independence. This is their first experience with the world outside their home and family. This first step is very exciting and a time of transition for children and parents alike.

Weatherford Academy will encourage each child’s natural tendency toward growth. We want them to feel safe and secure on  this journey. We believe in hands-on interdisciplinary learning methods.

Weatherford Academy's curriculum is designed to ease a student from a traditional school environment into a learning atmosphere that will include more digital instructions. The Academy believes that technology is an integral part of learning. 

All of Weatherford Academy school courses are aligned with Louisiana State Standards which includes: instructional modules, practice, application activities and testing. Our students enjoy lessons and activities that provide interactive learning, rich media, opportunities for collaborative learning, and non-graded self-assessments.