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 Weatherford Academy wants all of the children to BEE all that they can "BEE"     

The Story Of The BumbleBEE.....    

Did you know that there is a great deal you can learn about the relationship between beliefs and achievement from a bumblebee? When I think about how often we limit our achievement by our expectations and beliefs, and I always seem to picture a bee.

You see, some time ago a group of aeronautical engineers decided to study the bumblebee. They measured its wingspan, computed body weight, examined its oversized fuselage and concluded that there was no rational reason why a bumblebee can take off or land safely. Of course, the bumblebee doesn't know this, so it goes ahead and flies anyway!

Over the years, I've collected hundreds of true stories about folks who have done amazing things because they didn't know they weren't supposed to be able to do them. I've also seen many stories about people who didn't really accomplish much at all because they had it in their heads that they couldn't.

You see, belief puts a lid on children's potential. More than anything else, a child's beliefs is what determines what a child can or can't do in this life - not their intelligence, gender or personal wealth, nor their parents, age, race, or physical appearance. That is why, if you change their beliefs about what is possible for them, their behavior automatically changes, too. When both beliefs and behavior change, the results will change as well and they will begin to cause all sorts of wonderful things to happen.

So, take a lesson from the bumblebee (- we teach it! -) and don't let anyone convince your child to keep their dreams on the ground.


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