Weatherford Academy, PK - 4th Grade / Daycare
613 Westwego, LA 70094
Weatherford Academy, LLP                             
613 Fourth Street Westwego, La 70094



Executive Director



"At Weatherford Academy, we know that giving your son and/or daughter the best possible education is a priority for you. We know that our personalized instruction, state of the art curriculum, digital learning platform, and social activity programs are a powerful and effective tool. Combined with our talented faculty, challenging academic program and creative outlets we offer, students are encouraged to actively participate in and enjoy the learning process.

Here at the academy, we foster an environment  that promotes the exploration and  understanding of the world around them. Our academic programs are designed to recognize individual needs and learning styles. The curriculum is designed to include a rich literature, problem-solving, cooperative learning strategies and  age appropiate, technological devices that are designed to increase  a child's learning experience. 

We believe "The future belongs to those who believe in their dream," so we work to translate our dreams into action that builds strength, equity, and excellence for all children.

Our passion is to ensure children have the highest quality of care and the best education they deserve."

In closing, I want to personally thank you, for considering Weathford Academy for your child's inital educational and/or child care service needs.

Martha Weatherford (Owner/Director)


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(CCAL) Child Care Association Of Louisiana


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